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Since the summer is over (at least it is in the US), does anyone think we should just wait 'til next summer to try doing this, or just continue it? No one's updated their characters' journals in weeks (*hangs head* I haven't updated Draco's or Harry's in a while either). This is just a suggestion. Comment with your answer:

~Wait 'til next summer
~Continue it
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I don't mind if someone wants to start again next summer instead of continuing. the reason luna hasn't been updating is because I just started a volunteer program and we didn't get the internet until last night.

i'll just add that for those who want to continue.. we should really make an effort into updating more to keep this fun. If you're not going to update at least, say once a week, i'd say let's wait til next summer
Whether it's summer or not wouldn't apply to me, but I agree that if everyone's busy/uninterested/whatever it might be best to let it sit for a while. Yeah...
we should let it sit I think....

Sorry I took so long!
's okay :)