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Welcome to the house

Big Brother : Harry Potter Style
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This community is dead. If you have any desire to revive it, please contact me at lady.snape.13[at]gmail.com

thank you
-vintagememry, co-mod.

Welcome to the community! Here, the characters from the Harry Potter Universe live in the Big Brother house. Throughout their time in the house, they will do compititions and challenges (just like on BB).

Flirting (and sex) is allowed only if the people who are playing the characters involved are all alright with it, anyone can help out (play someone, think up food challeges/HOH compititions, etc.), no one can kill each other (hating - yes, humiliating - yes, drowning in the pool - nope), no magic (there could be an exception, like if someone become HOH), and no electronics. Also, any rules from BB apply as well.

10 million galleons and a trip to anywhere the winner wants (except for the past) for a month.

Extra Notes
This community is just getting started, so nothing much has happened. People are needed to play the characters. Email me if you want to be involved. Please include:
-what you're going to do (if you want to just help come up with ideas or you want to play someone)
-any ideas you have
-what character you want to play
-your username

Thanks to all who help ^__^

Characters Who Are Taken
-Blaise Zabini
-Draco Malfoy
-Hermione Granger
-Ron Weasley
-Harry Potter
-Luna Lovegood

None of us own any of the characters or anything else from the Harry Potter universe. JKR does.

The community is down at the moment.